Digiweb Ltd (www.digiweb.ie) has today announced that it has been awarded the 088 mobile number range for mobile phone services in Ireland.

Digiweb will provide true mobile broadband and mobile phone services to all regions of Ireland over the next 18 months. This will effectively end the digital divide, offering state-of-the-art broadband and voice services equally throughout the country – from the heart of the largest towns and cities, into the deepest rural community.

· Mobile Broadband – Register Interest in Mobile Broadband for your area (10 second signup)

· Digiweb has been assigned the 088 mobile number by ComReg for Ireland’s first 4G (4th Generation) network

· Ultra low cost mobile voice and broadband services planned

· Mobile broadband services to launch mid-2007 and mobile phone early 2008

Comreg’s decision today follows on from its prior award of a national Wideband Digital Mobile Data Service license (WDMDS) to the company, and in combining these two authorisations Digiweb will now establish a significant force for change in both the Broadband and Mobile phone markets in Ireland.

Commenting on the announcement, Colm Piercy, Managing Director at Digiweb stated “We are delighted to have been awarded the 088 number and appreciate ComReg’s foresight in seeing the potential our 4G Mobile network will have in delivering new competition and better services to the Irish consumer. We will introduce new services and benefits which are simply unavailable from today’s mobile operators including, true always-on broadband with low latency and DSL-like speeds, alongside flexible, low cost mobile phone services. Its ironic that Ireland’s first mobile number – 088 – will now become the newest and most sought after number in Ireland!”

Digiweb recently launched its new Data and Network Operations Centre in North Dublin and announced the creation of 200 new jobs – many of those within the Digiweb Mobile business. Construction of Digiweb’s 4G Mobile network is already underway and the company has recently been demonstrating its capabilities on the live network.