Following rapidly on foot of their announcement of new Metro Business packages this week, Digiweb continue their assault on the Business Broadband market with the release today of details of new dedicated symmetrical broadband solutions widely available across the country, running up to a 10Mbps service.

  • Delivers immediate savings up to 60% compared to Leased Lines
  • Flexibility to increase speeds at a touch of a button
  • Normally installed and live within just 2 weeks, or within hours in case of emergency
  • Widely available across Ireland in all larger towns and cities

In comparison to leased lines, the traditional and usually expensive option for higher end telecoms service delivery, the new service from Digiweb is very different:

The new services offer high capacity zero contention telecoms links for broadband and voice services to medium-to-large enterprises, and each service carries strong Service Level Agreements and Quality Of Service guarantees to ensure exceptional performance and reliability of these key communications links.

Digiweb offer the most extensive range of communications technologies, including ADSL, Licensed Microwave Wireless, VSAT Satellite, and Fibre.

Digiweb’s Fibre services are available throughout greater Dublin and many towns nationwide, offering capacities up to 1Gbps zero contention connectivity for anything from a single site to a wide area private network.

‘We are responding to the critical needs of the modern business seeking symmetrical packages and resilient connectivity solutions for quicker access to websites, better conditions for video conferencing and Corporate Voice Over IP (VoIP), and the ability to make the best use of real time applications. Combining our expertise in multiple communications platforms such as Licensed Wireless, Fibre and Satellite, we can architect, implement, optimize and manage for our Clients unrivalled corporate network solutions with high resiliency and short deployment lead times’ stated James Kenny, Business Solutions Manager.